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   A healthy lard choice!

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About us


Greixos Olivella s.l. is a family business since the 1980's producing good fats.

We offer the highest quality with the best service to your needs with full traceability.
Products can be supplied directly from us or can be collected from our refrigerated storage sites.
This gives you full flexibility to your requirements.
All our products comply with the EU regulations as well as our gained ISO certifications.

­Our mission is to provide the best solution that helps everyone. To contact us, please fill the contacts form on our website.

­We're constantly evolving and growing. Currently providing services to the European, American and Asian continents.

Providing a wide range of products.

Flare Fat, Leaf lard, Leaf lard Cracklings, Sweetened lard (leaf lard), Refined lard (Processed to remove natural flavour & smell).

Iberico lard (Lard obtained of the fat around the kidneys from the Iberian pigs -pata negra).